Things That Take Time

As I get older, I’ve become more interested in processes. I like things that are complicated, that require precision over a number of steps. Making a good cappuccino or french press. Building a shelf. Assembling a shoe. It’s so bad, that I spend an inordinate amount of time watching time lapse videos of people making things I could never see myself making, just for the sake of experiencing craftsmanship on some level. As an artist, I envy the craftsman. A person that can channel their expression in so narrow a way that they can perfect a single aspect of it. There is nothing that can be made by an artist or tradesman that will ever be as, at-once, beautiful and functional as what a master craftsman is capable of.

I won’t deny that what drew me to games initially was the idea of making fun. Of manifesting the ideas that flowed through my head while I played the games. But as I’ve evolved as a developer that has changed. I love every step of the process of making a game. I love sitting in a chair and dreaming or mapping thoughts out on a whiteboard. I love hammering out code on early prototypes and figuring out solutions for a whole new problem set. I love poring over sprites, crafting them pixel-by-pixel. I love banging on the keyboard in my DAW and picking out notes on a piano roll. Every step of the process is vital and necessary and beautiful. This is the only medium I’m aware of that blends so many disciplines, yet is conducive to a solo effort, should you so choose.

Like a good cup of coffee, games take time. And, much like coffee, no matter how much love and dedication you put in people don’t really give a shit until you get it wrong.

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