Procrastination! Also, a new thing.

I’m going to be honest, the only reason I’m posting two days in a row is because I have things to procrastinate over. I have not time throughout the day, yet somehow I still manage to waste what little I have. It’s kind of a super power. But setting that aside, somehow in my two years as an indie dev, I’ve not managed to hear about the Game A Month Jam. Now that I have, I’ve gotta say that I’m totally in. I like the idea of doing a full year of back to back jams as a learning exercise. I’m not really an apprentice anymore, so if that makes me a journeyman, I really do have to journey. I also like that I get to make slightly bigger games than I’m accustomed to. I don’t think I’ll be able to use the whole month every month, but I probably should try and get as close as possible. With that, I’m going to lay a few ground rules for myself so that I can hold myself accountable through this experience and maximize the educational benefits.

1) No game should be like the one before. If I make Galaga clones for twelve months, I’m just going to be twelve months better at making Galaga clones.
2) Every game should have a mechanic, feature, style, etc… that I don’t know how to implement. If I’m not pushing myself, I can’t improve.
3) All music will be made with a real-life instrument played by me. I’ve been neglecting practicing guitar and piano the past few years and I need to shape up. Plus, I can release a compilation soundtrack of my games for the year and cross “Release an Album” off my ‘Bucket List’.
4) Anything is better than nothing. I’m going to be trying NaNoWriMo again this year, so I’m going to be ‘booked up’ the month of November. There will still be a game. Even if it’s a short twine story about how bad I am at managing time.
5) Document the games. This means a good GDD and well commented, concise code. This isn’t just a hobby anymore. I intend to be a professional programmer in the near future, I need to develop good habits now.

I have a hard time committing to things. That much should be painfully obvious. I’m hoping that a semi-public commitment here will keep me on track, but who knows. I most certainly don’t.

As a bonus, here’s a theme I’ve been working on for this month’s game.

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